Curried Baked Chicken and Mango Coconut Rice

This Curried Baked Chicken recipe is a family stand-by. It was originally a recipe from Weight Watcher’s of the 1970’s that we have evolved and refined through the years. The rice dish was inspired by the perfectly lovely sliced dried organic mangoes that my local food coop carries. I was eating them as snacks and … Read more

The New Nordic Diet: A Heart Healthy Diet for Northern Climates

Have you heard about the New Nordic Diet, northern Europe’s answer to the Mediterranean Diet?  In 2014 a group of food professionals from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland met to try to define a healthy Nordic cuisine, based on traditional and local foods, but updated with current nutrition knowledge and with an eye to … Read more

Need a New Snack? Chocolate Covered Chickpeas are Here!

Today at my local food coop, they were offering samples of chocolate covered chickpeas from The Good Bean, a company out of Berkeley, California. I tried the Mocha Chocolate Flavor, and was sold in a split second! Wonderful aroma and delicious flavor! Of course, as a dietitian, I next checked out the nutrition info. These … Read more

Protein Drinks on a Budget

Protein drinks are one of the most popular sports supplements, but can be pricey. Many athletes or people trying to increase muscle mass can easily meet their protein needs with regular foods. The standard recommendation is for 20 grams of protein within an hour following a weight training session. (Note that researchers continue to refine … Read more