5 Tips to Manage Eating While Staying Home for COVID-19

A couple of weeks ago author Annabelle Gurwitch tweeted, “Time is falling away…I definitely ate. That’s happening a lot: second breakfast, snack après lunch, happy hour treat, dinner, supper, late night munchies…” Are you feeling the same disconnection from your usual eating habits? While we are laughing at social media posts about sweat pants, the … Read more

What’s New in Nutrition and Immunity?

Are you hearing about foods and supplements that can boost your immunity? Or maybe you are wondering if there are foods that you can eat that will help you avoid getting sick from COVID-19 (corona virus.) Research into whether a particular nutrient improves immunity usually comes up with the answer “it depends.” It depends on … Read more

Your immunity: which cells do what

Here are some of the different cells that can be affected by the availability of nutrients and related compounds. This is a shorthand account I compiled based on on-line definitions and Wikipedia entries, so is not definitive. Each description seems to require its own glossary, but this is a start to understanding the complexity of … Read more

Food Planning and Social Distancing

What did you shop for when you first realized that grocery trips were going to be limited for a while due to corona virus? I was interested to see that people seemed to be choosing foods that went back to an era of home cooking. It has been a long time since I have seen … Read more

Cutting back on plastic? New products and reusables to try – product review

I recently stopped by the household goods aisle at my local coop food store to see what’s new in reusables and sustainable products. I came away with 3 to try, and here’s my take. If You Care Paper Snack and Sandwich Bags – Really like these wax free compostable bags made of unbleached, chlorine free … Read more

Curried Baked Chicken and Mango Coconut Rice

This Curried Baked Chicken recipe is a family stand-by. It was originally a recipe from Weight Watcher’s of the 1970’s that we have evolved and refined through the years. The rice dish was inspired by the perfectly lovely sliced dried organic mangoes that my local food coop carries. I was eating them as snacks and … Read more