Fall Nutrition with Pears

On a recent trip to Oregon we got to see a bit of the Hood River fruit growing area. I especially enjoyed the delicious pears that are now in season. Pears are a great source of fiber, with 6 grams in one medium pear. The pears pictured at the right are from the Draper Girls Country Farm. 

I was surprised to learn that there are 10 different types of pears grown in the US! You can watch a great short video of different pear types at https://usapears.org/pear-varieties/  These pears that I purchased from the grocery store are Bartletts and a Starkrimson.

Not all pears change color as they ripen, so the best way to test for ripeness is by putting gentle pressure on the neck of the pear. If it is soft, it is ripe.

Lunchbox Tip: Pears are delicate, and I have had the best luck packing a pear by wrapping it loosely in a napkin or paper towel and placing it in a plastic container a little bit larger than the pear. (The fruit should not roll around.)