Kathleen Searles will provide your group members with practical, science-backed information to help manage their nutritional health and well-being.   Available for large or small groups. Presentations are customized to the group and may be informal or formal.

Topics and Suggested Audiences Include:

Nutrition for Busy Teens – Feeding busy teen-agers can be challenging. Kathleen Searles offers tips on quick and convenient meals and foods to maximize academic, social, and athletic performance. Suitable for: middle or high school health classes, wellness days, parent groups, sports teams, scout groups, dorm staff or residents, camps

Sports Nutrition – Help your athletes, from recreational to professional, find foods and beverages that support their performance and overall health in and out of season. Talks are customized to the group and can focus on general healthful diet for athletes, role of protein, hydration, pre-game/in-game/post-game (recovery) strategies, the female athlete, sport specific nutrition tips, safe supplement use, or other topics of interest. Suitable for: athletic trainers, coaches, sports teams, sports clubs, parents, gyms and fitness facilities, scout groups, camps

The Fueling Toolkit –  Pre and Post Game Nutrition for Youth Athletes – Young athletes and their families often end up relying on fast food outlets and pizza. This program teaches parents the basic nutrition needs for young athletes and shows how to create a restockable sports nutrition pantry to provide nutritious and effective pre and post game snacks. Suitable for: parent groups, booster clubs

Healthy Lunches – You can use your lunch (or family members’ lunches) to improve overall nutrition quality.  Kathleen Searles, the Lunchbox Nutritionist, presents tips and tools for creating healthy lunches that are convenient and simple to prepare. Suitable for: company lunch and learns, community or civic groups, farmers’ markets, grocery stores, parent groups

Trending Nutrition Topics – What is your group wondering about in the ever changing world of nutrition?  Gluten free? Ketogenic? Paleo? Kathleen Searles can provide an overview of current diet trends and how the evidence stacks up for their effectiveness. Suitable for: high school classes or wellness days, community groups, social clubs.

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